Practice Schedule & Pricing

Location 1: Tuesday, Thursday

1300 Market St. Gloucester City, NJ 08030

Location 2: Wednesday

Riverwinds Community Center: 1000 Riverwinds Dr, West Deptford, NJ 08086


$10 for Drop in Rate

$120 for 15 Practice Punch Card (12 Practices, Three Free Practices)

Why the punch card over monthly rate? Not everyone can make every practice, and $10 every time doesn’t help those who want to come to every practice. So we are using a Punch Card instead so that you maximize your training and the money.

There are 16 normal practices a month.

Private Lessons:

In addition to our normal practice we also do Private lessons. These are for the very serious athletes who want to work on high level technique in detail. We prioritize technique and the mental aspects of the sport but we also do a hard workout to push the athlete at the end of the session. We allocate 2 hours but you may choose to do a 1 hour increment instead.

Private Lessons are reserved for Athletes who Regularly Practice at Centurion. This is a policy to avoid conflicts of interests and support our athletes.


$35 per HOUR with a Partner (1 or 2 Hour sessions)

$70 per HOUR 1 to 1 with Coach Higgins. (1 or 2 Hour sessions)

To schedule please text Coach Higgins 856-341-6271

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