Membership Details and Pricing:


We offer 16 Practices per month typically

$20 for Drop in
$165 for Unlimited Monthly Membership (10 years old +)

With a membership it is essentially $10 per practice.

Younger athletes are eligible for memberships but please check with Coach Higgins.

Purchase a Membership Below:

Membership Benefits:

College Recruiting and Preparation:

If your athlete’s goal is to wrestle in college, Coach Higgins will
assist in college recruitment and visits through his wide network of connections to coaches at many well-known NCAA schools including Penn State, UNC, Cornell, Columbia, Princeton, UPenn and many others.

Clinic Opportunities:

Coach Higgins consistently brings in some of the best wrestlers and coaches in the
nation for world class clinic opportunities. You can learn from National Champions, World Champions, and Olympic Champions. Members will have exclusive access to discounted rates for Clinics. Clinic prices vary by Clinic.

Mindset Coaching:

Coach Higgins focuses on life lessons that go beyond the wrestling room to develop a
wrestler’s mindset and build them into the best people possible so they can reach their full potential.

Coaching at Individual tournaments:

Coach Higgins and staff will travel to individual tournaments that
are local to the South Jersey/Tri State area to coach in tournaments per the wrestler’s request (if able). * All requests for tournaments that require extra travel are subject to travel fee.

Dual Team Spots:

Members will get right of first refusal for a spot at their desired weight for dual team
tournaments for Centurion Wrestling Club.

Private Sessions:

Private sessions w/ Coach Higgins are exclusive to members only.

Technique Videos:

Exclusive access to instructional videos focused on high level wrestling techniques
and breakdowns.

Team Dietitian:

Exclusive access to discounted rates on sports nutrition counseling and other nutrition counseling services with the team registered dietitian. More information about services available upon request.

Private Lessons:

In addition to our normal practice we also do Private lessons. These are for the very serious athletes who want to work on high level technique in detail. We prioritize technique and the mental aspects of the sport but we also do a hard workout to push the athlete at the end of the session. We allocate 1 hour time slots for privates.

Private Lessons are reserved for Centurion Members only.


$50 for one hour with a Partner

$25 per athlete for one hour for a small group (4-6 athletes)

To schedule please text Coach Higgins 856-341-6271

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