Centurion Mindset

Winning the Mental Game

Coach Pat is very big on the mental aspect of the sport. While at Penn State he learned many different mindsets from his teammates, coaches, or those who came around the Penn State Wrestling room. He developed a mentality of life long learning as well and is always learning new things from books, audiobooks, and other sources. In his blog posts he will write about mentalities, experiences, and other things that will help athletes of any age beat their biggest opponent, the one between their ears!

Centurion Mindset: Permanent Beta

In life we must always be improving. Those who stop improving will limit their success. Those who hunger for more will always find more to do to be better! Learn all about the growth mindset called the Permanent Beta.

Don’t Cut Weight, Manage it.

Weight loss in wrestling is one of the more grueling parts of the sport. It is what takes the fun out of the sport for so many, but it doesn’t have to be as bad as it is. Using my experiences and knowledge I lay out a framework as to how you can manage your weight, rather than let it manage you.

Centurion Mindset: Desire vs. Mission

What are your goals? What’s your mission in life? What’s the difference? Goals without action are just dreams, missions are something we feel we MUST accomplish. In this post learn what it means to set out on a mission! Nothing is more satisfying than the feeling of a mission accomplished!


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