Our Mission and Philosophies!

Mission Statement:

Our mission statement is simple, to make all of our athletes better in every way we can. Beginning with becoming better wrestlers, forging them into better leaders, and ultimately the best version of themselves they can be. Success on the mat is assured when you focus on success for life. Wrestling is an amazing sport, but it is an opportunity to become an amazing person as well. Thank you for joining us in this journey, we are thrilled to have you!

Coaching Philosophy:

Our coaching philosophy, much like our mission statement is to foster a love of wrestling that goes beyond winning. Our motto is “Score Points, Have Fun and Dominate!” Two thirds of that came directly from what Coach Cael Sanderson told our founder, Coach Pat Higgins, before he and his teammates went out to wrestle. (Learn Coach Higgins’ story here: My Penn State Wrestling Experience)

“Score Points, Have Fun and Dominate” Goes beyond wins and losses. The goal is simple, to love the journey of wrestling, both in training, and in matches. To learn to take risk during matches for the sake of scoring and because our athletes LOVE to do it. We don’t want wrestlers who love winning, we want wrestlers who love wrestling, and winning will most definitely come more often than not. This philosophy can go against the grain as many believe we don’t care if athletes win or lose. We do care that our athletes find success, but loving wrestling allows them to see wins as a byproduct of their journey, and loses as lessons. This is the Penn State way and as such has become our way as well!

Technical Philosophy:

We believe that athletes need to have continuity of technique. We encourage athletes to try and create a system of wrestling entirely their own, however we come ready with technique that dominates at all levels, youth-college. We teach a lot of the same technique over time in a systematic fashion. This is not a “flavor of the month” technical approach as some places take. We focus on teaching things in a way that shows athletes how to complete technique in sequence and dominate an opponent by transitioning well from move to move and seeing the same technique multiple times in a monthly time frame.

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