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There’s no commitment meaning you don’t need to show up, nor do you need to pay a dollar. It’s just to get an idea of interest, level of experience of your athlete, and to be able to get you information regarding practices and events quickly and easily. Any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Hi there! Welcome to Centurion Wrestling Club! If you don’t already know me allow me to introduce myself! I am Patrick Higgins, head coach and founder of Centurion Wrestling Club NJ. A former Penn State University wrestler, I was apart of four straight National Championship winning teams, (2016,2017,2018,2019). While at Penn State I trained alongside National Champs, World Champs, and Olympic Champs, under perhaps one of the greatest coaches ever, Cael Sanderson. My senior year at Penn State I realized a new love for the sport as my competitive career came to end, a love of coaching. Now I am back in NJ coaching the next generation of talented wrestlers and looking to help them achieve their dreams, I hope to help you in some way!

Our rules are simple! See 1,2,3 below.

Centurion Mindset:

Posts designed to help you achieve your goals by building up the mental aspect of the sport.

  • The Mind of the Injured Athlete
    Injuries are a massive part of athletics. Dealing with them as an athlete or a coach can be difficult, this post will help either navigate the challenges of an athletics injury!
  • Don’t Specialize. Have Fun & Become an Athlete!
    Specialization in sports is rapidly becoming the norm, but it is not a MUST for success. In fact, it may be a deterrent. Read on to learn more about why athletes shouldn’t specialize!
  • Centurion Mindset: Becoming Confident by Taking Action
    Confidence comes from action. If you want to become confident, take action! If you want to learn something, try it and fail first! This post details how we build confidence in wrestling, school and life in general!

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