Centurion Mindset: SO WHAT!

HELLO DEAR READER!!!! Too much? Was it the exclamation points or the all caps? SO WHAT!! What is this topic all about today? Why do I keep screaming through text form? There’s a good reason I promise. This topic is one of my favorite mindsets I’ve ever been introduced to. I am very excited to share this with anyone who is willing to give me the opportunity to teach it and help them apply it to their lives. So I hope you enjoy this post, learn from it, and share it with others. If you are an athlete, coach, parent, or perfect stranger to the sport I hope you can apply this mindset to help make yourself better! It’s helped me tremendously throughout my life.

What is “So What”

So What, two simple words with so much power in them. This phrase was first taught to me by the head coach of my wrestling team at Penn State, Cael Sanderson. For those who don’t know Coach Cael is won four national titles as an individual while going undefeated his entire collegiate career. He has now added another eight titles as a coach, four of which I was there for. This mentality is one we mainly use for our wrestling but can be applied to all aspects of life. When something happens to us we have the opportunity to pick our response, my coach taught us to reply with two simple words, “So what!”. The idea is that we can only control a few things in our lives. Our attitudes, reactions, and efforts among them. When I have this “So What” attitude, I am not being cavalier, far from it. There’s a big difference between my controlled response and indifference. Indifference is lazy, it means you don’t care about anything. “SO WHAT” does show I care, it just shows that I care enough to let it be, and acknowledge I can’t change what’s already happened, but I can choose to not dwell on it and let it drag me down.

How do we apply “So What”

My coach obviously used wrestling as the prime example but one thing I like to use when I teach this mentality to athletes I coach is that no matter what happens we can get up and respond if we don’t let ourselves feel defeated. So for example; if a football team gives up a touchdown, they can come out and go three and out, or they can choose to come out and try to score themselves. If they fall short on that attempt, SO WHAT, score on the next drive and go for the 2pt conversion to send the message! Girlfriend break up with you? SO WHAT! There’s plenty of fish in the sea and she wasn’t who you were meant to be with anyway! Boss a jerk at work? SO WHAT! Keep working hard to either force him to acknowledge your skill, or steal his job!! “So What” truly is a powerful mindset because it teaches us to respond in a positive way no matter what happens. We can’t change what’s already been done but we can control how we respond and move forward! I am highly doubtful I do Coach Cael justice in teaching this mentality but SO WHAT! I want to teach it the best I can and constantly improve on how to teach it and help others learn from me. Whenever I am having a hard day, or something gives me an issue I always think “So what” because I can either choose to sulk and be moody about it, or I can push forward and get onto the next! Now, one thing I want to preface is I am aware there are some things in life that simply saying “So What” won’t change right away. I am not teaching this mentality as a way to say that you should never feel your emotions, that you should ignore all your problems or situations. I know we all have our battles, we all have some days where no matter how strong we are we can’t get through it alone, which is where I want to encourage that you don’t “So what” it but rather find those who can support you and help you choose to move forward. No one goes through life alone, so please never feel that way!

Thank you!

If you’ve made it this far I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am having a lot of fun writing these posts. I think they can really help any athlete, parent, or coach that reads them. They’ve helped me tremendously and I really love passing good things on to more good people!

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Former D1 Wrestler at Penn State University. Member of Four national championship winning teams.

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